School Spirit: A Look at the Year Ahead


Avi Flatto-Katz '25

Ramaz School Spirit is prominent throughout the building, especially during the Glouberman Basketball Tournament hosted in Los Angeles. It is evident that school spirit has improved throughout the decades at Ramaz. However, is Ramaz pride lagging behind other Modern Orthodox Yeshivas in the area? The Upper School does not have any color war, many programs relative to other schools, and some say the atmosphere at Ramaz is more competitive. What is Ramaz’s official view on school spirit, and what are they planning to enhance it this year?

There seems to be a consensus among the administration on how school spirit is defined. While most students see school spirit as how many “fun” events happen, or how much class time is missed, the administration believes that school spirit means students having a positive experience at school. While this does include exciting programs, it also includes things like interesting classes, easing the test calendar, and good student-teacher relations; things to make school as stress free as possible. Additionally, they believe that what makes Ramaz school spirit different is that it is accompanied by academic excellence. The administration believes that a student body doing well academically is also a happy one. 

Though it is still unknown of what is being done to enhance school spirit, some faculty members and the G.O revealed sneak peeks. Rabbi Shiowitz, Associate Principal, said that he will put an emphasis on the school Tisches. Ari Witkes, Athletic Director, said that his first year, last year, “was just a stepping stone” and that he has big things planned, such as pep rallies and a grand Ramdome opening. The G.O., led by President Putterman ’23, along with Dov and Rabbi Segal, have already begun combing through the schedule, discussing every possibility in terms of programming and events. They have also been working on instituting smaller things, such as weekly Monday Mincha Muffins and music in the lobby before school.

Additionally, the student body decides what the school spirit will look like. If students participate, and make an effort to create school spirit, then it will be there. Students are also welcome and encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on how school spirit could be improved.