A Freshie’s View: Interviewing Asher Rosenfeld


Rachel Buller '25

RB: What Middle School did you attend?

AR: I went to Ramaz Middle School.

RB: Have you become friends with kids who didn’t go to Ramaz Middle School

AR: Yes, I’ve made friends with a few new kids and then become close with them over this first week of school. It was fun to meet everyone new at orientation and realize that this could be the start of a lasting friendship.

RB: How does the workload in high school compare to that of Ramaz Middle School?

AR: So far I’ve had less homework than I had in the Middle School, but I haven’t had any tests yet. So when the tests start arriving, I’m not sure how that will compare.

RB: What does it feel like to be the youngest in the building with so many older kids surrounding you? Is it overwhelming or scary?

AR:When I was in fifth grade, and I was the youngest in the building, I was very scared of the eighth graders. But now that I’m a freshman, I don’t find the seniors as scary. And it’s more fun to be in a building surrounded by all these other kids older than you, especially coming from the Middle School, where I was the oldest grade in the building. It’s also helpful because you have all older people who can help you with schoolwork and teach you the tricks of high school.

RB: How have you been adjusting to the new building? Have you had trouble finding your classes?

AR: I’m able to find my classes because I just go to the floor that I know it’s on, and then I look around for a minute trying to find it. So it is easy to figure out. However, sometimes I forget which floor I’m on or go to the wrong floor, which can get confusing because I’m not familiar with the school yet.

RB: What is the biggest difference between middle school and high school?

AR: The biggest difference is the freedom. In Ramaz Middle School, you had to be in a certain place at a certain time and there was always a teacher watching you. But in high school, there’s a lot more freedom and during a free period I can roam around the school or relax in the lounge instead of just being stuck in a classroom with a teacher.

RB: Have you joined any clubs yet in your first week of freshman year?

AR: I’m in Choir and Week In Review

RB: What is your favorite thing about Ramaz Upper School?

AR:  My favorite part about the high school is the community and how everybody is so nice. I also really enjoy the unfamiliar freedom that I have acquired.