A Spirited Week


In November, our school had an exciting week marked by five special events on five consecutive days. That “Spirit Week” featured a gradewide color day on Monday, an “Anything but a Backpack” day on Tuesday, a pep rally day on Wednesday that was brimming with Ramaz school spirit, a jersey day on Thursday, and finally “Frum Friday.”

The first (and rather colorful) event started on the 28th of November, challenging Freshmen to wear yellow, Sophomores to wear blue, Juniors to wear red, and lastly Seniors to wear green. The twist was that it was a competition, offering the grade with the highest amount of students wearing their color a prize. It started off with freshmen having 25% of their grade wearing yellow, Seniors rising to 78%, but ultimately Sophomores crushed it with blue at 86% of their grade wearing their grade’s color.

The next day promised to be just as exciting as the last, and while the last was colorful, this one was most certainly creative. Students showed up with postal buckets, normal everyday unordinary buckets, and trays (flat buckets). The real winner of the event, though, was an actual robot doing what would normally be a backpack’s job.

Wednesday would be the main spirit day consisting of a main event, the pep rally. Many students and faculty wore Ramaz gear in celebration of the rally in true school spirit. Students flocked to the gym to see several fierce matches of basketball that began with the national anthem, sung by Talia Leifer ‘23, and then the raising and waving of the Ramaz flag around the auditorium by Haim Heilborn Nigri ’26. Finally, after the basketball games, grades and faculty were put head to head in tug-of-war to finish off the event.

The next two days were “Jersey Day” (on Thursday) and “Frum Friday” (you can guess which day of the week this one was). During “Jersey Day”, many came in the attire of their favorite sports players, and during “Frum” Friday”, people came dressed as the name implies, in suits, nice shirts, and more.

The five events were a smashing success and put a lot of smiles out there on what would have been a normal school week. As student Gianna Goldfarb ’25 put it: “I thought it was really fun and different from all the others because everyone was so involved.” From robots to suits and from jerseys to colors, spirit week was truly bursting with creativity, fun, and school spirit.