Student Teacher Conferences and Quarter Grades

Student-teacher conferences and quarter grades give students the opportunity to know how they are doing in class and how to change anything if needed. Student-teacher conferences is a system that occurs at the end of the first quarter. Quarter grades give students the same information as student-teacher conferences. Teachers grade the students’ work and behavior up to that point of the school year. Students are made aware of ways to improve their studies and participate more in class. This is also the time to ask their teacher any questions they may have.


Since Ramaz provides their students with oppurtunities to hear feedback from their teachers, students are able to change their behavior and study habits before the semester ends, based on the reports they received from their teacher. If a teacher gives a weak report about the students’ behavior and wants the student to improve, the student will be given instructions on how to do that. If a student is informed that their academic performance is not ideal, their teacher will provide study methods and tips on how to manage their time. If a student is doing well in every aspect of the class, student-teacher conferences and quarter grades are a breeze. 


I find both these systems extremely useful. It is helpful for me to know what my teachers think of me, and I like how these systems give me time to improve before semester report cards come out. Quarter-grade reports help me get an idea of what my semester report card will look like. Student-teacher conferences allow me to understand what my teachers will speak about with my parents in parent-teacher conferences. I find it helpful that student-teacher conferences are a few days before parent-teacher conferences because if the teacher and I have any miscommunications, we can discuss them before my parents hear about them. 

At each meeting, I asked my teacher a list of questions I had about any work in their class, and they were happy to provide me with a comforting answer. Without meeting with my teachers, I would not have known how to improve my grades and further advance my behavior in class. 

The day of student-teacher conferences can be chaotic due to crowds of students waiting for their meetings in the halls while others run from meeting to meeting. Though the system is hectic, I believe that it is essential to having a successful school year, and I appreciate Ramaz for giving us student-teacher conferences and quarter grades.