Bringing back the Online Rampage

Bringing back the Online Rampage

There is no doubt that The Rampage is one of Ramaz’s most esteemed clubs, never failing each month to release a printed issue reporting on the current buzz around the Upper School. However, in the past years, the Online Rampage has been almost entirely neglected. But this year, our goal is to completely change that.

Nowadays, every official newspaper has an online edition. If we want The Rampage to be seen as an official publication, it is important that we treat it like one. We want people to be able to refer to the Online Rampage at all times. Media plays an enormous role in everyone’s day-to-day life. People are constantly checking their computers and phones for updates on various stories, and we’d like to take advantage of our generation’s addiction to technology by making sure students are listening to their peers voices. Students need to be able to quickly reference an article that they enjoyed reading. The remodeling of the Online Rampage will allow students to share an article of their choosing with family members or friends from different schools. Additionally, having an updated version of the school newspaper online allows alumni to be able to see what’s going on at Ramaz and creates an easy way for anyone to stay updated. With the remodelling of the Online Rampage, student news at Ramaz will no longer be strictly limited to people who enter the building everyday.

The Online Rampage plans to take advantage of the obvious technological benefits available to any website. The Rampage will now be able to post live polls that accompany certain articles and update score reports immediately following games. The great thing about the website is that it can constantly be updated whenever necessary.

The Online Rampage will allow the newspaper to become a daily resource – students will no longer have to wait a whole month to get their news. ”

As the website becomes more advanced, we plan on adding more special features, such as links to Ramaz apparel, student calendars, and online exclusive videos and photos. Our ultimate goal is to experiment with and learn the workings of the website so that it can become a vital tool for all students.

As the online editors, we have worked to redesign an entirely new interactive website for the newspaper, and will constantly keep the Online Rampage updated. Moreover, we believe that the Online Rampage is a project for many years to come. We hope that the website becomes just as useful to students as Schoology. It will take time before we see our goal achieved, but we know that establishing a proper foundation for the website will allow the Rampage to continue to expand and develop.