Quarantine Personalities: Which Are You?

Quarantine Personalities: Which Are You?

What has been the line you have heard most often in the past few months? Is it “there’s nothing to do,” or “I’m bored”? Probably. Although everyone claims they are suffering from immense boredom, almost everyone fits into at least one of these quarantine personalities. 


The Chef:

No doubt one of the most popular choices. If the first thing you did when school closed was look up a recipe for cookies, mozzarella sticks, or whipped coffee, you are definitely “The Chef.” Ratatouille’s Le Festin, the french cooking song from TikTok, is your anthem, and your “For You” page is definitely flooded with quick and easy recipes. You have finally learned the difference between baking powder and baking soda. 


The Binge-Watcher:

If you have watched All American, Unorthodox, Fauda, and Tiger King in less than three sittings, you qualify for this position. Your new obsession is Outer Banks, and you follow Sarah Cameron and John B on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes content. 


The Online Shopper:

You have been non-stop ordering from Amazon as if you are stocking up for an apocalypse. No more than 24 hours go by without a delivery from Instacart at your doorstep. 


The Fitness Guru:

The moment school was canceled, you realized now is your time to get in shape. You googled workout programs from home and stocked up on protein powder and bars. By now you have probably lost momentum and are sore from Chloe Ting or the Peloton app. 


The Gamer:

Playstation, XBox, computer. It doesn’t matter. Every free minute you have, you are online. You are awake deep into the wee hours every night with your squad. Even if you tried to go to bed at a normal hour, you wouldn’t be able to because of your confused sleep schedule and strained eyes. 


The Hair Stylist:

If you’re a boy, you either buzz cut your hair, have given yourself a lopsided light trim, or look like a caveman right now. If you’re a girl, your hair is one of the colors of the rainbow. Now that the weather is nicer, you are super tempted by the leftover sun-in bottle from Summer 2015. 


The Social Butterfly: 

You have been staying up late on FaceTime every night, catching up with long-lost camp friends, and, if you are a risk-taker, even having reunions six feet apart on front lawns. If anyone had a birthday, you immediately scheduled a call on Zoom. You’ve made a Kahoot for your friend group to enjoy, and you send in Psych or Photo Roulette codes to your grade group chat nightly. 


The TikTok Star:
You have been spending hours learning TikTok dances, and your dream is to get on the “For You” page. If you’re hardcore, you’ve even ordered light rings or colored LED lights for your room on Amazon.