Steps To Planning A Successful Zoom Party


Zoom birthday party (Courtesy of Tammy Palagi ’21)

In addition to being implemented for teaching purposes, Zoon has also been widely used to host other events, such as meetings, panels, and even birthdays! Although it may feel like the world has been on pause, the days have been passing and people are still looking for creative ways to celebrate their milestones. We would all rather celebrate in person, but organizing a Zoom birthday party is a fun and easy alternative.


Below you will find ways to make your Zoom party a success: 

  1. Who To Invite: Have a group of diverse friends. Invite everyone from your next-door neighbors, family members, school friends, and camp friends. A wide range of friends will lead to continuous chatter on the call. It will be really fun to have your worlds collide. Your camp friends will meet your school friends and vise versa. You will realize that you are all connected and by the end of the call you will have forgotten that some people just met each other.
  2. Surprise Zoom: Making your friend a surprise Zoom call is a special way of making this virtual party more special. This may sound overdone, but if done properly, it will be special. If you plan on throwing a Zoom party during the remainder of the school year, send your friend the link for one of their clubs. Tell them the club scheduled a last-minute meeting, and that you need their support because the captains asked for everyone to bring their friends. Your friend will think he is logging onto the club but instead, he will long into their Zoom party. 
  3. Spice Up Your Zoom: As the host of the Zoom meeting you can enable anyone to share their screen. Put together a montage of the birthday person and their friends. You can also ask all those that will be on the Zoom to make a video where they share a memory they have had with the birthday person. You should compile all the individual videos into one video and add music in the background as an extra touch. This will catch the person whose birthday it is completely off guard. They have no clue what you will be showing when you share your screen.
  4. Performance Zoom: If you prefer live performances, you and the Zoom attendees can write lyrics to a popular tune and present it to the birthday person on the Zoom. You know this will lead to everyone laughing and the birthday person finding out his or her friends’ hidden talents!
  5. Themed Zoom: If you’re feeling goofy, you may choose to select a theme for the Zoom. For example, if your friend loves the movie Avatar, then all the guests can paint themselves blue. This sounds crazy, but isn’t quarantine the time to try crazy things?! 
  6. Decorate Your Zoom: Attendees can decorate their background with happy birthday signs. This may sound trivial, but the bright colors are more attractive than your boring room color.

If you follow these steps, there is no doubt your Zoom party will be one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime (because none of us have lived through a pandemic).