September Sports Season


Ben Rimm ’23 and Solly Taragin ’23 shooting hoops on the roof.

For some more than others, sports play a big part in the Ramaz Upper School experience. This year, however, there was a big question of whether there will be any sports because of Covid. The rapid spreading of the disease raises concerns about the safety of playing contact sports and sitting in large, dense crowds. 

The Rampage interviewed a few students to get their opinions on if and when they thought the sports season would happen. Noah Libin ’23, a player on last year’s JV basketball team, said that he doesn’t know what will happen but assumes there will be no sports until at least the second semester.  He said that the students on JV basketball weren’t given any information on the plans this year regarding the team. Cy Aminzadeh ’22, a member of last year’s varsity basketball team, said, “It sounds like there will definitely be no basketball, but it’s been overall pretty vague.” Another student, Eric Kalimi ’22, a cross-country member and volleyball member, said, “Nope, no information yet from either team. I think it would be great for all of us if the leagues try to continue with the low contact sports while still following all the protocols.” 

Despite students’ skepticism, Ms. Cohen initiated a plan to help resume non-contact sports, such as basketball, hockey, and table tennis. Students are able to sign up for weekly training sessions. Although this is a great step, students are hoping that by the second semester they will be able to compete in games against other schools.