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The official newspaper of the Ramaz Upper School

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The official newspaper of the Ramaz Upper School

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Ramaz Athletics ‘23-’24 Season

All of the sports teams that represent Ramaz radiate joy, camaraderie, and school pride throughout the ups and even the downs of their respective seasons. Despite the incredible workload and academic rigor, the students at Ramaz still take their sports seriously. The Athletic teams in Ramaz foster a sense of community and enhance the school spirit. Ramaz would not be the same without the basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, and frisbee teams.

After speaking with Molly Hiltzik ’24, an avid contributor to the Ramaz Varsity Girls Basketball Team, it is understood that basketball is more than just a sport at Ramaz High School- it is a way to build long-lasting relationships. This is clearly shown through her main highlight of the season: team bonding during tournaments and all the friendships she has built. Molly states that if she had to do the season all over again, she “would put even more time and try to have even more practices so we could make it even farther than we already did.” Molly is referring to the team’s shortcomings in the playoffs. 

The Varsity Girls Basketball Team lost by 20 points in the playoff game to a team they had previously beaten earlier in the season. In addition to the regular season, the Ramaz Varsity Girls Basketball Team participated in three tournaments throughout the season: Globerman, the Miami tournament (vacation), and the Sam Gynes Tournament. In the Sam Gynes Tournament, hosted by Ramaz, the Ramaz Rams emerged victorious.

A very crucial part of Ramaz Athletics is the Ramaz Varsity Boys Basketball team. Despite the attention this team receives from the school, they have yet to win a championship this past season. They have, however, gotten extremely close to achieving this team goal. One example is the annual Glouberman tournament. Ramaz worked hard to make their way to the championship and went head-to-head with Shalhavet. Ramaz was up for the majority of this nail-biter of a game. In the final seconds, the refs called a foul which led Shalhavet to shoot the foul shot that sadly won them the game. Bobby Sigoura ‘25 states that even though the team has experienced some difficult times, “it only made their bonds with one another stronger.” Bobby concluded, “This team is so special. These are brothers that I will have for the rest of my life. We went through hell and back, and I’m happy I did it with this group of guys.” Win or lose,  the Ramaz Varsity Boys Basketball team consistently demonstrates dedication and a tireless passion for the game. 

The Ramaz Varsity Girls Volleyball Team demonstrated nothing short of Ramaz pride. During the season, each girl was proud to be a Ramaz student-athlete. There was never a dull moment, from cheering on the bench to celebratory hugs on the court. A rising Senior Varsity Volleyball player, Sophie Mullakandov ’25, explains the overall positive environment on the team. She stated that “whether you are in the game or on the bench, there is a sense of warmth and happiness.” It is important to note, that this year for the first time in Ramaz history, the Varsity Volleyball team had the opportunity to travel to LA for a tournament. Sophie explained that this experience enabled the team to bond on another level. The team ended up making the playoffs but sadly lost in the first round. When asked to describe her time on the team, Sophie used the word “rewarding.” This demonstrates the true success of the team despite the loss in the playoffs.

Ramaz’s most beloved spring sports are the boys’ and girls’ varsity tennis teams, which Mr. Baraka coaches. Fisher Angrist ’24, a student leader of the tennis team, expressed that the team environment is highly supportive, very dedicated, and profusely trying to improve. He stated that he “had so many players ask me for tips on their serve, backhand, volleys, and more. Everyone is trying to hone in on their craft and become the best they can be.” As Fisher reflected on his time on the Ramaz tennis team, he recalled a match he had played during his junior year. Ramaz was up against an excellent team, and the matches were tied 2-2, making his match the deciding factor. He was leading 9-6 but then choked and thought he would lose. However, he remained determined and won his match, which secured the victory for our team. Like a true Ramaz Ram, he persevered and did not give up.

Another spring sport is the girls’ varsity hockey team, coached by our very own Ram, Coach Alex Ottensosser, and his mom, Judith Ottensosser. The hockey team has made it farther this year than ever before. They recently won their first playoff game, marking a significant milestone for the team. Olivia Fertig ’25 explains that her favorite part of the team is “being allowed to be competitive while having a great time. Hockey is a team effort. There’s no win without teamwork; there’s nothing like getting on the floor and playing your heart out. The rush of excitement you get when you see your teammate score, make a good pass, or outrun another player is like no other.” According to Olivia Fertig, the hockey team has a tradition of playing the song “Quack Adiloso” before every game as a good luck charm to get everyone in the spirit.

The Ramaz boys’ volleyball team has had yet another promising season, as they are undefeated and are the champions from the prior season. They are led by Emmy Khodkovsky, Eden Bracha, Ezra Sholes, and Bobby Sigoura. Despite the team’s joking manner, they have yet to lose a game. Ezra Sholes, however, is a diamond in the rough. Ezra Sholes stated that they don’t work very hard but play hard. He states, “It’s relaxed. We enjoy ourselves and balance out fun and hard work. We ensure we don’t get lazy but keep our coach on her toes.” This team seems to have found the perfect balance between fun and hard work. The best win that this team achieved was against SAR. Ezra Sholes, ’24 stated, “It came down to the last second of the game. But we had that Ramaz mentality and were able to close it out.” He further explained, “SAR thought they were tough, but we showed them who’s really tough, the Ramaz Rams.” The vibe of this team seems unmatched, which is the reason for their success. They will be playing in the volleyball playoffs soon and can hopefully go back-to-back.

An unusual team rose to the occasion this season, The Ramaz Ultimate Frisbee team. It hardly gets any attention, yet it won the only Ramaz championship this season. They don’t even have an official team bus. This year, the team was led by Fisher Angriest, Jeremy Propp, Gabe Piavsky, and Nathan Hiltzik. They went undefeated and stomped on any opponent that came their way. However, this team’s success could not have been achieved without the dedication of the head coach, Doug Propp. Rain or shine, this man will ensure that a game happens. The path to the championship was quite easy, as one of the teams forfeited. The members of the team were forced to find a way to get to the championship game deep in Brooklyn on a late Friday afternoon right before Shabbos. Cleary, the Shabbos queen was with them as they defeated Morrow 15-4. Next year, this team will be one of the most popular teams in the school as they prove why they deserve the attention. 

Ramaz High School appreciates all the athletic teams and eagerly awaits what they will achieve next year. A Ramaz student-athlete demonstrates qualities that will guide them far beyond their years on the team: menschlichkeit, teamwork, resilience, and always striving for greatness— all core values that Ramaz takes seriously both on and off the court.    

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