November 2020 Crossword


Isaac Silverman ’21


1. Days during Sukkot on which we had online school

2. Piece of clothing kids were banned from wearing

3. Ramaz’s 2020 community uniting slogan

4. Rampage editor-in-chief now also elected as GO President

5. Rampage editor-in-chief now also elected as AVP of Operations

8. The name of the incredible student life app Levi Lesches created for the school last year, and which is now being gupdated by the Coding Club


6. Seniors and juniors had to ____ after some kids were exposed to corona

7. Safer hangout spot for students

8. New club which discusses an issue which has become prominent during 2020

9. Event for prospective freshmen moving online 

10. An event the school had for GO and also what the US will have on November 3

11. 9/11 first responder who came to speak to students