Spin at Ramaz


Covid-19 meant every teacher had to rethink their classroom set-up, which was especially difficult for Ms. Cohen, the Interim Athletic Director. She pondered how to help students stay active and enjoy gym class while socially distanced. “There is an indescribable spirit of tenacity at Ramaz in which settling is not acceptable. We worked hard behind the scenes to not only get school open, but also to think outside the box to accomplish what others previously thought was undoable,” she wrote in a Jewish Link article. Ms. Cohen resolved that exercize bikes would be the perfect solution — students missed bike riding around the park or going to Soul Cycle with friends, and bikes allowed for friendly competition even when spread six feet apart. Ms. Cohen spoke to Jeremy Joszef, the director of Camp Morasha, where she has worked for over 20 years. He excitedly agreed to loan 26 bikes from Morasha’s spin studio to Ramaz. 

Students are thrilled with this new method of exercise. Mia Winn said, “I love it, it reminds me of my Peloton.” Some students have even been seen spinning during their lunches or free periods.

In her article, Ms. Cohen expressed her gratitude to those who helped bring her idea to life. She wrote, “I… recognize that [bringing the bikes to Ramaz] was the direct result of having incredible employers, both at Ramaz and at Morasha, who are always firmly committed to ensuring that our children get the most out of their experiences.”