The Rampage

January 2021 Word Search

January 2021 Word Search

Aaron Zanger '21 February 17, 2021

Word Box: Winter Break Hot Chocolate Finals Dreidel Merch Drop Chanukah Vaccine Snow Fire Rampage Rabbi Sklarin Ugly Sweaters Mochaburger Gelt

January 2021 Crossword

January 2021 Crossword

Isaac Silverman '21 February 17, 2021

Down: 1. Short break between finals and sec- ond semester. 2. Program for seniors to hear about different professions. 4. Event full of performances that show- case Ramaz students' various...

Opinion: Hacking at North Shore

Opinion: Hacking at North Shore

Charlotte Kleeger '24 February 17, 2021

On December 14, 2020, North Shore He- brew Academy’s (NSHA) website was hacked with Nazi imagery and propaganda. During Chanukah, where we celebrate the victory of light over dark- ness, the...

Mr. Letourneau showing off his challahs.

Let’s Get This Bread!

Sydney Eisenstein ’22 February 17, 2021

Many students have found that their math skills have been helpful outside the classroom, and in the kitchen. Mr. Letourneau has initiated a homemade challah baking competition for his students. Three of...

Snowed In: Ramaz Preserves Snow Day Tradition

Snowed In: Ramaz Preserves Snow Day Tradition

Jake Rubin ’22 February 17, 2021

Ramaz has always been known for its intense academic curriculum and in the past its students have managed to keep up with the work. With all of the holidays that come with attending a Jewish school, students...

Photo curtesy of Ella Rabbani ’21

Semester in Review

Eric Kalimi ’22 February 17, 2021

This semester has been like none other in Ramaz history. The administration rethought the way the school functioned in both a practical and safe manner. They used a hybrid model with only half the students...

Art by Samantha Sinensky 21

Zoom: The Ideal Learning Medium?

Sarah Silverman ’24 February 17, 2021

Zoom school’s long-term effects are still widely unknown, and we will probably only find out what it’s done to our generation years after the pandemic. Are the students at Ramaz’s lives going...

Art by Raffi Sobel

January SFAC: A Summary

Nicole Hirschkorn ʼ22 February 17, 2021

SFAC, otherwise known as the Student Faculty Administration Committee, met on January 6th to discuss two topics: the Science department and the Tanakh department at Ramaz. The committee explored new ideas...

Ramazpazooma!: Closing out 2020 with a Bang

Ramazpazooma!: Closing out 2020 with a Bang

Rebecca Silber ’23 February 17, 2021

  While 2020 was a dark year for us all, the year ended with a ray of light. Overcoming all obstacles in the midst of a pandemic, and thanks to the tireless work of the faculty-led music and dance participants,...

Does any real change arrive from monthly SFAC meetings?

Does any real change arrive from monthly SFAC meetings?

Rebecca Kalimi ’23 February 17, 2021

Our Student Government Organization board this year, composed of the student President, Caitlin Levine, the Vice President, Caleb Rosenfeld, the Associate Vice President of Communications, Rachel Freilich,...

All school-wide assemblies are currently taking place over Zoom, even if half of the student body is in school that day.

Where Did the School-wide Assemblies Go?!

Rachel Freilich ’22 February 17, 2021

While many daily Ramaz activities have remained, one of the most notable changes is the lack of full school assemblies and Community. In past years, school wide assemblies crowded the calendar of Ramaz...

ALMA MATTERS: From Ramaz to Barnard College: Interview with Elizabeth Bier ’16

ALMA MATTERS: From Ramaz to Barnard College: Interview with Elizabeth Bier ’16

Charles Spielfogel ’21 February 17, 2021

Elizabeth Bier graduated from Ramaz in 2016. She is currently a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University. She is studying neuroscience with a cellular and molecular concentration. Elizabeth loved...

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