Where Did the School-wide Assemblies Go?!


All school-wide assemblies are currently taking place over Zoom, even if half of the student body is in school that day.

Rachel Freilich ’22

While many daily Ramaz activities have remained, one of the most notable changes is the lack of full school assemblies and Community. In past years, school wide assemblies crowded the calendar of Ramaz students and even as the world moved to a remote setting last year, full school assemblies remained on Zoom on a weekly basis. This year, however, school wide assemblies have been swapped for grade wide assemblies, and Rabbi Albo’s Community has completely disappeared. 

The student body has conflicting views on whether or not the lack of school wide assemblies benefits them and their high school experience.  Sydney Eisenstein ’22 said, “Last year, I felt that assemblies were too prominent. I am thankful that this year there are fewer assemblies.” Eisenstien ’22 represents the sect of Ramaz students who believed that the shift has benefitted them. On the other hand, Izzie Ottensoser ’22 noted, “Last year’s assemblies were fulfilling, and although they were very frequent, I gained a lot from listening to the many speakers that joined us on zoom. This year, I have noticed that there are fewer full school assemblies which upsets me because I feel that school wide events create a sense of community. Although grade wide assemblies are enjoyable and an amazing way to bond with my classmates, school wide assemblies are also necessary to connect with students in other grades.” Ms. Krupka explained that the administration “didn’t love the format, focus, and general structure of full school zoom assemblies.” She also noted that, “It’s very hard to do a full school assembly when half the school is at home and half are in school and watching on smart boards in different rooms.” She added, “We[the administration] are doing more grade assemblies instead which are more compelling and personal and can help students with focus.” Ms. Krupka clearly explained how the lack of school wide assemblies is to the benefit of the student body. 

Community has also disappeared, and Ms. Krupka explained the reasoning behind that change. She noted that, “We[the administration] also were finding that full school zoom assemblies were not accomplishing the community feel that a full school assembly in the auditorium did, and that the grade assemblies were doing that more effectively.” Ms. Krupka revealed that once the Ramaz students return to school in person, full school assemblies and Community will be more consistent. 

As the world continues to be in a remote setting, the grade wide assemblies will remain. According to Ms. Krupka, grade wide assemblies are more efficient, but once the Ramaz students return to school full time, grade assemblies will be replaced by school wide ones once again!