Snowed In: Ramaz Preserves Snow Day Tradition


Jake Rubin ’22

Ramaz has always been known for its intense academic curriculum and in the past its students have managed to keep up with the work. With all of the holidays that come with attending a Jewish school, students typically have plenty of time to do the work they need to and relax. With the shift to hybrid learning this year, the administration has been working on making sure that the students can keep up with their classes, yet students are still feeling exhausted and overworked. It’s important that the students are given ample time to not only do classwork and study for standardized testing but to also take part in extracurricular activities and have some time to unwind from the stress of the day. 

The snow day on December 17, 2020, was very helpful to the students in providing them some time to catch up on homework and study for exams. Some students went outside, but many others stayed home given that they had so much work to get to. One junior said, “I appreciate the snow day, but I had to use it to catch up on work and didn’t get a chance to go outside.” The class presidents have pushed back due dates for assignments and the administration has been kind enough to organize fun assemblies. Learning on Zoom is taxing for students, many of whom cannot see their friends as often as in past years; the lounges are closed and the lunch room is not serving lunch.