Thanksgiving Plans With a Twist


Image credit: Creazilla.

Rachel Buller '25

This Thanksgiving will be unlike any other Thanksgiving as a result of new challenges while adjusting to our “new normal”. Although some people have a strong desire to revert to our “pre-COVID” traditions, others believe that precautionary measures are still a necessity. While spending time with family is such an important aspect of  Thanksgiving, many students’ plans with relatives have been altered because of COVID-19. Some, however, believe that seeing family is more important than taking extra safety precautions. 

Serena Olshin ’25 explained that she and her family aren’t planning on going to their grandparents’ house like usual. However, their change in location is unrelated to the pandemic.

 “It’s the same family, just usually we go to my Bubbie’s. This year for some reason because my grandparents are in the process of moving, we are not going to their house or going to my cousin’s house instead,” she said. 

However, unlike Serena, Ari Goralnick ’24 says that his family will be taking precautionary measures when spending time with extended family. “They’re making me get a covid test,” he explained. 

Additionally, Gabrielle Silverberg’s ’25 holiday plans have also been altered due to covid as a result of a family member who is sick with the virus. She says, “It’s going to be my whole entire family, except my uncle actually has covid currently, so he’s probably not going to be attending the dinner because we want to take precautions.” 

For some people, this Thanksgiving is going to be their most exciting. Leila Sakhai ’25 is going on a  vacation this year. This will be her first time going away for Thanksgiving; usually, she stays home and spends time with her cousins.

“I’m going away to London. I’m going with my immediate family and then I have family in there to visit as well.” Similar to Leila, Ben Yazdi ’22 also plans to go on vacation for the holiday, as he plans to visit his family in St. Louis, Missouri. He has not had much of a chance to visit since he moved from Missouri to New York just over two years ago. 

Another way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by just staying home with one’s family. Ozzie Kramer ’22 is an example of someone who isn’t traveling or seeing extended family. He says, “I usually stay with my family, sometimes I go to a friend or two, but they’re always family friends anyway. So it’s very close.” Ozzie explains that this is not a change due to COVID-19, but rather just a preference. It seems as if there is a wide range of Thanksgiving plans throughout the student body.