Ramaz’s New Theme: No Stopping GenRMZ


This year’s theme at Ramaz is no stopping genRMZ. GenRMZ includes anyone who is and has been affiliated with the school. This includes current students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and parents of alumni.   

The reason that Ramaz came up with this theme is to celebrate the community in a creative way. Society now uses terms like Gen x and Gen z to describe different generations, so Ramaz chose to refer to its community as  GenRMZ. It’s a different kind of way to identify with the Ramaz community. The other part of the theme is “no stopping genRMZ.” Last year was a really good year for Ramaz: the whole upper school went to Israel and the boy’s varsity basketball and girl’s varsity volleyball teams won the championships. There was this great energy and momentum from last year, so the school wants to make sure that we are still a strong community this year. 

Everyone in genRMZ, has at least one thing in common, and that’s the Ramaz mission statement. These are people committed to Torah, chesed, support and love for Israel, and standing up for injustice. The Ramaz mission statement includes having integrity, Torah, learning, support for Israel, and support of the United States and its democratic values. Everyone in genRMZ is unique, but everyone unites in the Ramaz mission statement.

Whatever one does at Ramaz expresses and highlights this theme. This theme is present in our everyday lives at school. When achieving something, that’s part of no-stopping genRMZ. There’s a lot of energy circulating around genRMZ. It’s a very motivating and inspirational campaign that makes members want to push themselves and do better. When there’s an assembly or speakers in clubs, that’s part of no-stopping genRMZ; it inspires the students to push themselves. When thinking of the theme, it’s meant to make one feel empowered and inspired. This year, the varsity basketball teams went to LA and won a few games — that’s also a  part of no-stopping genRMZ. It shows that the students are still going strong as a community and as individuals. Overall, the theme is meant to keep the motivation and positive energy floating around the Ramaz community.