The Ramaz Track Team


The Track Team is a sports team that meets in the fall and spring seasons for both practices and competitions. Coached by Ms. Csillag-Cohen, this team is a great opportunity for any student interested in getting a good workout.  During the fall season, practices were held after-school on B days, and four Yeshiva League cross country track meets were held every Sunday from October through November. Each track meet consisted of a 3 mile race through Bryant Park. During these meets, Ramaz competed against Frisch, Heschel, SAR, Ma’ayanot, IDEA, TABC, Flatbush, and Kushner.  These cross country races started out on a track and made their way into the woods. Despite the obstacle presented by the rugged terrain, most of the runners made it through the whole race. At the end of every meet, there was an awards ceremony for both individual and team places. The final meet was the Yeshiva League Cross Country Championships.  Students that participated in at least two meets prior qualified to compete. The new season will start sometime in March after daylight savings time begins. There will be meets featuring multiple events such as the 400 race, 1600, 4×100, 800, 100, 3200, 200, 4×400, the long jump, and possibly hurdles.

This season, practices started at 5PM, with students meeting in the lobby and running together through Central Park. In the park, students sprinted up a hill, stretched, and ran up to 3 miles.  Students have the option to not to compete and still participate in practices. “What I like the most about track is our little tight knit group. I love hearing from former students that they run on their own.  That they run half marathons, full marathons. They are keeping up with getting a good workout in and having it a part of their everyday lives,” said Coach Cohen.

Exercise is very important for physical health, and the long term benefits of running have been proven by scientists. Indeed, jogging can strengthen your knees and other joints, as well as increase bone mass and prevent bone loss. Not only that, but it can also help you live longer.  By perform a minimum amount of exercise (30 minutes, 5 times per week), you can add a couple of years to your life span. Although track only meets once a week for an hour, students can, of course, still work out on their own.

Not only does exercise help you physically, but it can also help you emotionally.  Running will make you happier. Physical activity can also help people cope with stress and anxiety.  A study in 2012 showed that only 30 minutes of running per week for three weeks improved sleep quality, mood, and concentration during the day. Therefore, track is great for any students who want to relieve any stress from school work and tests.  “It is important for students to join track because it is a great opportunity to have an hour to work out, step away from the books and meet new friends that they otherwise would not have met in the first place. It is just a great outlet to run, have fun, not even think about the fact that it’s exercise and really enjoy themselves,” said Coach Cohen.  Although the next track season doesn’t start until March, there are many ways students can stay in shape for the next season. “The way that students can improve their endurance is to not just wait for track season to be in swing. They must work out on their own. They have to take the time to just get on a machine, go for a walk. Something that is not in their usual routine, just to get stamina and build up for the next season,” said Coach Cohen.

Running will make you happier. Physical activity can also help people cope with stress and anxiety.